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Véronique Fixmer, born in 1977 in Luxembourg, is a passionate amateur photographer known for her work in travel and street photography. She is a member of the Luxembourg Streetphoto Collective and has participated in various photography events, including the Light Leaks Festival. Véronique has also contributed her photography to books, magazines, and newspapers, both in Luxembourg and internationally. In 2018, she self-published her first black and white photobook, “synonym.”

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    Synonym is a hardcover photographic compendium of black and white street photography from all over the world.

    For more information about a purchase use the contact form below.

    30/30cm / 104pages /45€

    ouvriers 1 / portraits


    For more information about a purchase use the contact form below.


    ouvriers 2 /
    au travail


    For more information about a purchase use the contact form below.



    Luxembourg Street photo Collective
    TheLSPC wants to promote the art of Street Photography in Luxembourg and to create a community for other like-minded photographers who want to share their passion.

    The Collective promotes the art of street photography through workshops, exhibitions, podcasts, publications and its online presence.

    Vero is a member since 2012 and has joined the board in 2015.

    Light Leak Festival
    In 2013 the collective organised its first Slide Night which laid the groundwork for the first full-scale Luxembourg Street Photography Festival hosting conferences, exhibitions and workshops at the Rotondes in Luxembourg. In 2023 the festival was renamed “Light Leaks Festival”.

    Vero has is part of the organization team of the festival.

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